Your Direct Line to Management from Anywhere, Anytime.

Make online payments, scheduling requests, submit work orders, maintenance requests, architectural approvals and management requests – all from your mobile device!

Fast & Efficient Response To Maintenance Requests

Residents can submit and track the status of maintenance requests online and receive automatic Email and SMS notifications when it’s done. Plus, you can also attachment files and add comments. And since everyone can view real-time tracking and status monitoring, all maintenance requests get efficiently resolved by the DVP team.

All Community Files In One Place

Get access to all your condominium files easily from anywhere, anytime. No more paper, emails and lost documents.

Plus, the Board can quickly conduct community-wide surveys. Gathering consensus from residents to ensure you’re making the right decisions has never been easier!

Hassle Free Approval Requests

Board members can enjoy the convenience of being able to remotely approve any decision – whether it’s a motion to move, document revisions, paying invoices, proposals, contracts – or anything else!


An email request is automatically sent to all board members for each respective approval request from the Community Manager. Once received, Board Members can approve or deny the request directly via email, without even needing to login!

Getting things done has never been easier.

Residents Will Enjoy Real-time, Direct Access to Their Unit Account Statement - Always 100% Up-to-Date!

DVP|Connect® seamlessly integrates with the best Condominium/HOA accounting software available on the market today, including TOPS, Yardi and Condo Manager.

Rest assured that no matter what accounting system you currently use, your transition team at DVP will make your Association’s transition fast and totally seamless.

Secure Access to Monthly Financials & Budgets for Board Members

Board Members benefit from the ability to access to all key financial reports via DVP|Connect®. Once your Association’s CPA-Accredited accountant closes the monthly financials, they’re sent to your Community Manager for review. After they’ve been thoroughly reviewed, the Community Manager presents the monthly financials to the Board for approval – all within 10 days after the end of the month.

And since everything can accessed and approved using DVP|Connect®, wasting paper, ink, postage and supplies is a thing of the past.

Blast Announcements via Email, SMS and Push Messaging

Easily and instantly send blast communications to the all Association residents.

Using DVP|Connect®, notices can be sent out via Email, SMS, Push Messaging (iMessage, BBM, etc.) or via the DVP|Connect® mobile app – insuring it gets read.

Plus, the Board and manager share the ability to track whether each message has been successfully delivered, to whom it was delivered and if it’s been opened and read by the respective individual recipients.